Monday, March 25, 2013

RxWiki -- FOR Patients, FROM Pharmacists

If you're a patient looking for comprehensive drug information in a format written with the patient in mind, check out the new RxWiki website. 

Thanks to Jason Poquette for his recent blog post about the RxWiki website. As Jason points out:

RxWiki is a vast and comprehensive medications encyclopedia aimed at providing accurate information, written and edited by pharmacists only, for patients & consumers.  The intuitive layout and readable nature of the content make it very accessible for individuals of all levels of medical literacy.  Complimenting the written information is a large library of videos which provide a great source of visual & audible instruction on both drugs and diseases.  Want to find out more information about a prescription or OTC medication?  RxWiki needs to be one of the very first sites you go to.

Check it out!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! The husband is having his meds adjusted now and this will be invaluable.