Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lunch Lady Action Figure!

I've already ordered one. It's on the way now. THE LUNCH LADY!

Fans of Adam Sandler and Chris Farley will remember his tribute to the Lunch Lady in this video.

What really sold me was one Amazon review:

Stick with me as I go through this review because there are some things you might have missed in the product description and details.

First, some clues that you should buy this:

1. You went to grade school and loved or hated the lunches.

2. Just looking at her makes you remember the canned spinach or asparagus they served, along with the texture and smell.

3. She looks like a lunch lady from your school.

4. She appeals to you on some subconscious level and you need to explore that further. Go with it.

5. You KNOW she has to be a collector's item. Trust that feeling.

Now, features you might have missed:

1. You can customize the food by putting different stickers in the three serving containers. Wow! I prefer the spinach colored one and then a macaroni and cheeey one......and I'll let you guess about the third one. Why take away all suspense?

2. She is an action figure. Parts of her move.

3. The package info is funny. You'll have to trust me on that one.

4. She'd make a great gift for any lunch lady YOU know and love - or any child you want to traumatize. I don't really encourage people to traumatize children, just a little humor there. Parents will understand and, hopefully, anyone who has been around children and occasionally feel the urge to throttle them...but only in their imaginations, not in reality.

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Anonymous said...

She better come with a bad case of the gout or I'm not interested.