Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Piece of Appreciation

One of our nicer patients came in the other day.

"Here's some new prescriptions. And what would you like for lunch today?"

I say, "Pizza!" thinking the lady is just being conversational.

Thirty minutes later she returns to pick up her medications. She has a pizza for the technicians and me. We thank her profusely. We're just hungry in the pharmacy! All the time.

One of the technicians is checking her out on her new prescriptions and asks her why she bought us all a pizza.

"It's for your pharmacist," she says, pointing to me. He did something really special for me last week.

Here's the strange part of the story. I have no idea what I did.


Anonymous said...

Every year one of our regulars make whipped shortbread at Christmas!

Anonymous said...

why didn't you ask her what you did?

Anonymous said...

This is gold. Only the crappy stories are the ones worth writing about because in some strange way it is therapeutic. The rest of us can relate, and then we have a sort of therapeutic web-based drum circle going. The patients who are grateful, kind, thoughtful and responsible...well, they have a place in our hearts because they make our days go smoothly. We don't need the drum circle after an interaction with them, we can just be the pharmacists we strive to be.

Anonymous said...

Jokes on you, she really meant Mickey instead!

I kid, but that's happened to me more times than I can count where I've won over patients by helping them with things I don't remember doing.