Monday, August 25, 2014

Miss Loosey Knows a Guy...

Miss Loosey was by again the other day. She always has a bunch of questions for the RxMan about this, that, and everything else.

I'm not sure why she asks me questions, however. When I try to tell her how things really are, then she wants to argue with me.

"But my friend told me..."


"But I read it on the Internet..."


"But I saw an advertisement on the TV that says..."

In other words, she takes EVERYONE's opinion, no matter where it comes from, as absolute truth, but when it comes to me, she argues with everything I say.

It can really get annoying.

And here's the tough part. Miss Loosey has what Goofmart Grocery calls "Executive Customer Status," which means that she's fooled the company into thinking she has a lot of money (she's on Medicaid) and deserves extra special treatment. Telling Miss Loosey to "take a hike" is out of the question because if she filed a complaint against me, the fact that she's "Executive Customer Status" means black helicopters will come to the pharmacy and make me disappear.

So I have to keep answering Miss Loosey's questions and deal with the arguing about my answers.

I think I should add a sign like this one at a doctor's office:

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Anonymous said...

Your site is killing me, my side is hurting from laughter. I actually stumbled on the site by accident, looking up medication facts. I am a criminal paralegal. You have fun with these folks at the pharm, but when their habit gets out of control, I get them on the other side!! Then we hear all kinds of things like "can I give my time back", yeah that means they want some sort of post conviction proceeding, or "the jump out boys got me and I didn't have nothin', they planted it" Maybe I should start a blog so that you can feel assured that you aren't the only one with some CRAZY folks coming by! :-) On a side note, I promise to never bother my pharmacist for anything for feeling such sympathy!