Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams

Years ago before I decided to switch careers and pursue a career in pharmacy, I operated my own tourist-based business.

One day a lady came into the shop and after talking with her I found out she worked for the Make-a-Wish foundation. Part of her job was helping coordinate and complete the wishes of children with devastating and/or terminal illnesses. We talked about the organization and some of the fulfilled wishes.

One wish that struck me deeply was the wish of one child. The child just wanted to spend time with Robin Williams. The lady explained to me that Mr. Williams didn't hesitate at all to meet with the child. Although he was only supposed to spend an hour, he actually spent the entire day. What's more, he obtained the family's phone number and called several times to see how everyone was doing for weeks after. This was way up and beyond what the family or the Make-a-Wish foundation was expecting.

I don't know how many more lives were touched by the generosity of Robin Williams, but I find this one little story very uplifting. I am sorry for Mr. Williams' family most of all, but I am also sorry for the rest of us. So many humorous movies, so many funny characters, so much comedy, and what I thought was so much more to come. I am saddened, but my heart is lifted when I think of all the good deeds done by this man. I have no doubt he was human like the rest of us and had his weaknesses too, but he did do many good deeds. For that we should all be thankful.

Thank you, Robin Williams, for giving all of us so much over the years.

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