Saturday, August 23, 2014

A True Tramadol Tale

Patient calls, wants to talk to ME, the pharmacist.

"Crazy, remember how we were talking about Tramadol the other day?"

"Yes, I remember."

"Well I talked to the doctor about it. He said it's NOW a narcotic and I can't have it because it's been changed to a narcotic and he doesn't prescribe narcotics."

Tramadol has recently been reclassified as a scheduled drug because of its addiction potential. The drug itself has not been reformulated in any way. I explain this to the patient. He seems satisfied.

Later in the day, the doctor of this patient calls me. He wants to "inform" me that I made a mistake telling the patient what I told the patient about Tramadol.

"Don't you do your continuing education?" he asked. "Tramadol is now a NARCOTIC. I thought you should know."

I'm sure glad he set me straight.

Read more about Tramadol at this LINK.


Anonymous said...

File this doctor under "never recommend to anybody."

bcmigal said...

seems like tramadol walks and talks like a narcotic

Unknown said...

Oh no! My dog was just prescribed this for severe arthritis. We got two weeks worth Thurs. in 5 days we are taking her with us on a 10 day vacation. That means we would need an early renewal. Hope our vet can do it. I didn't even think of controlled substance issues with pet meds.

Kim Lawson said...

Well if digitalis or Coumadin isn't scheduled.......why tramadol&Soma is, I couldn't say. But buzz wise it's not innocuous

Unknown said...

usually see tramadol described as a "synthetic" opiate.