Tuesday, August 19, 2014

She has Photographic Evidence

Ring, ring...

<Crazy RxMan gives the usual introduction>

"Yes, you shorted me 30 tablets of my Ibuprofen and 30 tablets of my Norco."

<These are words you don't want to hear as a pharmacist or technician. It never ends well.>

So I talk to the lady and she claims that the medications she received while on vacation in Snootyville were each for quantity 60 and each bottle was short by 30 tablets. She's since returned to her home state and discovered it AFTER returning home.

"I can take a picture of my bottles and email it to you," she says. That's her "Colombo" evidence that she's going to use on her behalf. 

Now it has been 15 days since she picked up the medication and the Norco was an eight day supply. But she didn't discover it until day 15. Magically, each bottle is short exactly 30 tablets.

I've been through this routine before and I want to keep an open mind. So I put her on hold and do a back count of the two NDCs in stock. Ironically, I guess, my counts are spot on with what the computer says we should have in stock. And counting 575 tablets of Ibuprofen was just such a hoot.

So I get back on the phone and explain to her what I did and that she's going to have to talk to the pharmacy manager when he returns.

As you can imagine, things turned ugly. Now, just so you know, I didn't process, fill, or sell either medication to this patient. I'm just the unfortunate slob who fielded the phone call after the fact. And when I try to explain that small part to her, she gets more furious, asks for my name, the name of MY supervisor, the director, and Obama's phone number.

"This ISN'T over!" she yells, and hangs up.


Another fun day at Goofmart Pharmacy!


Anonymous said...

That conversation isn't fun either on the medical side. Just saying.

JenRPh said...

And she's going to get a gift card for all her trouble.

Anonymous said...

I get calls like that at least once a week here in Crackheadsville.

And our counts are always spot on.