Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pharmacists are SUPER HEROES

Doctors often write odd prescriptions. Here's one:

So how do we interpret this prescription? Is the patient sleeping all day long and waking up to take more Xanax every eight hours? Or perhaps the patient is so anxious throughout the day that taking Xanax three times a day helps with sleep in the evening? 

That's what I assumed when I filled the prescription. Unfortunately, when I counseled the patient on taking the medication, she was in complete confusion as well. That happens a lot with prescriptions. The patients have NO IDEA what they're getting or why they're getting it in a lot of cases. 

Most probably aren't listening when their doctor is telling them exactly how and why they're taking the medication being prescribed. In other cases, however, I feel like doctors and prescribers are in such a hurry to get to the next patient that they overlook some important details.

That's why we have pharmacists. We're here to sort it all out for you. We go to battle every day in your behalf. In fact, here's a video of me at the pharmacy right now:

Be nice to your pharmacist. We're the silent super heroes of the healthcare industry.

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