Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pharmacy Robbery: What do you do?

Recently there have been a bunch of #Pharmacy robberies!

Here's some tips and advice for the pharmacist and technicians:

SAFETY is your number one concern.

To ensure everyone's safety, do this:

1. Give the robber whatever they want!
2. Do NOT try to be a hero. Do NOT try to disarm the robber. Do NOT try to stop him/her.
3. Do NOT make quick motions that could startle the robber. Tell the robber what you are doing as you're doing it as to not cause any confusion. Example: "I am reaching over to get you a bag for your oxycodone."
4. Follow the directions of the robber until they leave.
5. Do NOT chase after the subject(s) committing the robbery. Instead, call 9-1-1. Tell them you were ROBBED (this is different than a burglary). If a weapon was displayed, tell the 9-1-1 operator what you saw immediately. This will speed the police's arrival.

The Authorities you work for may have their own set of "rules" regarding a robbery, such as YOU trying to remember a description of the robber or remembering what they touched (for fingerprints) or making sure you keep the note if a note is passed to you.

Yeah, that's all great, but YOUR CONCERN is YOU and YOUR TECHNICIANS, so screw that ideaRemember, this is the same brain trust that decided to remodel your pharmacy with ultra low counter tops out in the open making it easy for anyone to jump over... so let the videotape be evidence. 

YOUR concern is your safety and the people you work with, not the multi-million dollar company and a few bottles of oxycodone. Don't jeopardize your safety trying to notice all the moles and tattoos of your robber. This will just piss them off. Never, ever piss anyone off who has a gun.

Your company likely will have a policy and procedure to follow AFTER the robbery. Follow that after dialing 9-1-1.

Here's some links to recent news articles on pharmacy robberies:



MrsR said...

I'm surprised GoofMart hasn't specifically instructed you to give them great customer service, encourage them to continue shopping there for all their grocery needs, and thank them with a smile once they're done robbing you. Of course, given an earlier post, I wouldn't be surprised if GoofMart didn't try to blame getting robbed on you in the first place since, you know, in between all that pesky pill counting, checking to make sure drugs don't interact dangerously, and giving every vaccine under the sun, you're also supposed to get out and walk the aisles to help curb shrink when people are acting suspiciously.

All kidding aside - please stay safe. Great reminders within this post. No need to be a hero for your store. At the end of the day, it's more important to be alive and around for your family.

Nicely written, Crazy.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is worth getting killed.

Besides, where would we all be without you to entertain us?

Anonymous said...

We have a spatula that was stuck in the shredder and now it's sharp and will go into the neck of any mofo that tries to rob me.. That's not SOP but it will make me feel all warm and fuzzy!