Monday, October 20, 2014

Things You DON'T Want to Hear... the PICK UP window after you've rung up their medications and they've paid...

"Oh, here's my new insurance."

"Oh, I have a manufacturer coupon for that medication."

"Did you put in my club card number?"

"Can I get these items here?" <pointing to a shopping cart with 20 or more items>

"What am I getting? Oh, I don't need this one."

"Can you also fill my Alprazadone? I'm out."

"Can I get a flu shot now?"

"Why was this medication so expensive? I've never paid that before!"

"This is a 90 day supply? I only wanted 30 days."

"I told you, NO SAFETY CAPS!"

"This is a 30 day supply? I wanted a 90 day supply."

"Which one is my Xanax? I need one RIGHT NOW! Do you have a cup of water?"

"You didn't put in my club card number? I'm calling the 800 number to complain."

"I also need to get some aspirin. I'll be right back." <leaves purchases and purse sitting on the counter while people are in line>

"Be sure to thank [the other pharmacist that had nothing to do with the filling of these prescriptions] for me!"


Unknown said...


James Kline said...

But I REALLY need my alprazadone!

Anonymous said...

Lol, love the cup of water one!

dalton850 said...

As someone with anxiety, I'm curious why "Can you also fill my Alprazadone? I'm out." is a bothersome question. Sincerely curious, commented on my pharmacist friend's post where I found this shared asking the same questiosns: Do you mean when a person asks for a refill when they have no refills left and they need a prescription? Is it in short supply? Does it seem shady?

Also, "Which one is my Xanax? I need one RIGHT NOW! Do you have a cup of water?" While I understand that you shouldn't have to cater to the customer to give them a cup of water when they could easily do this task on their own, I don't really see the problem with someone needing to take their Xanax 'right now'. Are you insinuating that they're addicted or trying to taper off benzo withdrawal? Kinda makes me feel bad, there are plenty of times I need to take a clonazepam 'right now'...granted I don't ask the pharmacist which bag it's in because I can read and I don't ask for water because I can swallow a pill without or get water on my own.

dalton850 said...

Okay, so my pharmacist friend cleared things up a bit. I feel like an idiot now. What's funny is that I kept thinking that Xanax was alprazolam and wondered why the post said 'alprazodone' but I swear I searched 'alprazodone' and all I saw were results for Xanax. I take Klonopin so I didn't know any better, just know Klonopin/Clonazepam.. :P

Anonymous said...

Lol at this last post ^^. Zolzazepam!!