Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Can I get a flu shot right now?"


No you may not get a flu shot right now. If you want to wait until I get caught up with these ten people currently waiting for prescriptions THEN I'll be happy to give you a flu shot. Yes, I know the sign out in the parking lot says "Flu Shots Today" but it doesn't say "Right Now." 

You see, we're a pharmacy. Upper management, aka The Authorities, decided several years ago that the company can make a lot of money by having pharmacists give flu shots. Not only that, they decided that in their mind it isn't any different than filling a prescription. You see, they don't do much thinking up at the top other than to scream about not having any money while they spend millions of dollars on fancy remodels. 

The Authorities also didn't realize that most of the time with flu shots it is new people to the pharmacy and that takes extra time to add you into the computer. They didn't realize that you have to fill out a form and that you're probably going to have questions about the form and/or fill it out wrong. One thing The Authorities did realize that this is the "perfect" time to push Pneumonia and Shingles shots on you, because hey, pharmacists and technicians are just like car salesman anyway. And if we do talk you into that, that also takes extra time. 

They didn't realize that with the that added workload of flu shots (and companion shots) we actually do need more help at the pharmacy... which we do NOT get. So on top of our regular workload of filling prescriptions, we now have an additional workload of flu shots and companion shots.

So "right now" we're trying to keep up with everything... an increased workload with the same overworked staff. During the busiest times of the day we fall behind. That also seems to be the time YOU want to get a flu shot, despite our best efforts to tell you to come by during our slow periods, YOU want to come by when everyone else comes by!  

So NO, you may not get a flu shot "right now." Go get in line and wait or come back when we're not busy. I'll tell you what The Authorities tell us when we ask for something we want:

It is what it is.


Anonymous said...

To Doug my neighborhood family pharmacist: I know the flu and other shots are a nuisance, but you are a very gentle shot-giver and kind to me and my family. I appreciate being able to get it from you every year, and I'm very glad to wait for you.

Unknown said...

Look at the gauge on that needle!

Anonymous said...

I hate the people who come to the consultation window to ask for a flu shot. If it's slow, I'll go ahead and type them in to get them started. But if there's a line at the pick-up/drop-off window, you can be sure that I'll point them directly to the line. I feel like conceptually this is the opposite of what I should be doing, but I refuse to let the "I NEED EVERYTHING NOW" crowd bypass the lines like that.

Anonymous said...

So true! The Authorities decide we don't need any additional help whatsoever. I flat-out tell people that we must process this just like a prescription, that there will be a wait. Some get ticked off and storm out. Too bad. The Authorities at corporate sitting in the Ivory Tower have NO clue what it's like to work in a real life pharmacy.