Saturday, November 22, 2014

What Happened to Gratitude?

People leave the medication they picked up at the pharmacy in the grocery cart. It happens a lot. People get in a hurry, load their car with grocery bags, then speed off forgetting all about their medication.

Sometimes another customer will find the bag and return it to the store. Most often it is found by a clerk wrangling up shopping carts. In one way or another it ends up back at the pharmacy where we open the bag, ascertain the owner of the contents, and give them a call.

One time we had a really fun run-in with one of high and mighty regulars. I would expect attitude from her, but not anyone else. If you're curious, read about that story HERE. But lately, however, when regular "normal" people come down to get their medication that was unknowingly left behind they fail to show any courtesy or gratitude for our efforts. It's not like we have done a lot, but we did manage to give them a call. And lately, instead of gratitude, people act like they're mad at US because they left their medication in the shopping cart. How could it possibly be our fault? Are they also mad at us if they lock their keys in their car?

So I hope this trend stops quickly because I'm just not getting it.


Anonymous said...

Retail, and society in general, has created an atmosphere of entitlement. Nothing we do is a courtesy, it's an expectation.

Anonymous said...

What jerk people can be. Not too long ago I went to get a medication filled that I thought had a refill left on it, but it didn't and it was Friday evening, but the pharmacist went ahead and gave me an emergency supply, and I couldn't quit thanking him..He really did act shocked, but I really wanted him to know how thankful I was for him to help me out cause of my stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Next time throw it away. Having them fork over a full months cost might make them more aware of their personal belongings next time.