Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Usual Characters

If you're new to the Crazy RxMan blog, you're probably confused by some of the things you read. Part of that is because retail pharmacy has clearly made me insane. Another part is because I use some of my own vernacular in this blog. Obviously names have been changed to protect the innocent, or my job, or both. Here's a run down:

Goofmart Pharmacy ~ The pharmacy where I work that is part of Goofmart Grocery, a national chain of grocery stores which have pharmacies. Many people reading the blog see their own pharmacy chain in Goofmart, probably because pharmacist problems are the same everywhere.

Snootyville ~ The city in which I work where the average dweller is better than everyone else. In most cases they'll be happy to tell you they're better than you right to your face. Even if they don't say it, they certainly believe it.

The Authorities ~ The brain trust and management at Goofmart. I borrowed the phrase from the YouTube video, Diary of a Sad Cat, when I was writing a blog post entitled Diary of a Sad Pharmacist. These are the guys that created Quake-N-Zap and have forgotten we have patients, not customers. Patient safety is a secondary consideration over company profit.

Mickey ~ My pharmacy manager. I chose this name because what he really runs here is a "Mickey Mouse" operation. Mickey himself will tell you that he's not much of a manager simply because of intense micro-management from The Authorities.

Flynn ~ The Boss Technician, light years ahead of most technicians. Technician extraordinaire, skills and speed unknown to modern man.

Mrs. Tasker ~ The poster child of Snootyville. Quite frankly this woman is the most stuck-up, self-centered person I have ever known in my entire life which has spanned several decades now.

Miss Loosey ~ One of our patients that is a real pain in the rear. She doesn't listen to counseling or follow instructions well unless you're a friend of a friend. There are several stories about Miss Loosey. She's a never ending supply for blog posts.

Dim Fart ~ A very impatient and intellectually challenged old man. He's been such an ass at times his wife has actually brought ME flowers to make up for it.

Levaquin Lady ~ One of our patients that is currently breeding a superbug that will kill us all. Currently her doctor has her on Levaquin 750mg once daily. She's yet another source for many blog posts.

The Munching Tech ~ She has low blood sugar... so you can usually find her in the back munching on something instead of actually helping out in the pharmacy.

Mrs. Stickler ~ She likes to make sure things get done, even after they've already been done.

Hope ~ Hope has a lot of "hope" that you'll fill her narcotics early.

Mrs. Baked ~ She gets her Fentanyl patches every month and apparently will be on Medicaid forever. But she still gets to go on nice vacations, and I'm sure there's a simple explanation.

The Code ~ a code of conduct that GOOD pharmacists follow.

Crazy RxMan ~ ME... a GOOD pharmacist.

The DEMON inside me ~ Whenever I say something I shouldn't, it's this little guy's fault.

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