Thursday, November 6, 2014

OMG! That's HORRIBLE Marketing!

Selling a menstrual product with sex?

Really? OMG!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that growing by"double digit" and increasing "basket size" is unfortunate wording considering the product. Maybe it is just me :)

Anonymous said...

Check out the Soft Cup. It is advertised as a product that allows you to have sex with it in.

Anonymous said...

So here is the story of how that post combined with my own foolish curiosity ruined my day.

I have never heard of this so I googled it, read the manufacturer's website, read a couple blog reviews, still saying to myself "but what is it really?" I searched google images.

Lots of pictures of the different colors it comes in, that's nice. One picture of a diva cup that had been burned when a lady left it on to boil and let all the water evaporate, that was amusing. Still not content, I continued to peruse google images until it led me to a blog that is dedicated to this woman taking daily pictures of her cervix in various states of cervix-ness. She states that she uses a speculum, flashlight, and mirror to obtain these pictures. The blog is nothing but pictures of her cervix, day after day, year after year, with short one sentence descriptions under each picture. How did I happen upon that? Oh yes, the diva cup caused her a vaginal infection, which she of course had photographic evidence of.

Well, that is enough internet for me today.