Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I was Interrupted for THIS?

A tech interrupts me as I'm counting.

"The lady at the counseling window has a question," he says.

I step up to the window. What will it be, a question about what she can take for that tickle in her throat? A recommendation for a laxative? My thoughts on something Dr. Oz talked about on Oprah? I'm giddy for the real life drama that's about to unfold.

"I just dropped off a prescription a few minutes ago," she says. "I was wondering when it will be ready."

For those of you keeping score at home, I was interrupted in the process of counting her medication because she felt the need to find out exactly when it would be ready.

This kind of sums up my reaction:


Anonymous said...

Am I the only person that was taught 'patience is a virtue' when I was a kid?

What the heck is wrong with people? The worst was when someone parked in my drivethru and declare that they are going to "wait while you do your job" and "go grab me a bottle of water." Seriously, can't make it up even if I tried.

Why is it ok to wait for hours on end at the doctor's office but as soon as you head over to the pharmacy, everything needs to be lightning fast?

Anonymous said...

Oh rest assured it isn't just the pharmacy and this also happens at the doctor's office or in the hospital.

Doctor's office: Patient gets pissed because provider is running 15 minutes late. Little do they know that the doctor arrived at the hospital at 0600 to round on his/her patients and wound up having to deal with a complicated patient that was the source of them running late for clinic patient's appointment. However, if it were the clinic patient who was in the hospital being seen by the primary, naturally they'd want the physician to take their time providing care for them.

Hospital: Patient in room 5, admitted to the floor last night, is supposed to go down for non-emergency gall bladder removal at 1700 on a Sunday afternoon. Patient with history of pulmonary issues in room 6 begins circling the drain around 1630, requiring a RRT called because his o-sat dropped too low, respirations are too fast, blood pressure is dropping, and pulse is rising. The entire RRT crew is there, which involves about 8-10 people, the crash cart is wheeled to the door. Meanwhile, the patient's family member is getting all pissed off because their family member isn't going to surgery at 1700 on the dot. Of course, they're at a level I trauma center (on a Sunday, mind you) so the OR has been filled with unexpected, emergency, like the-patient-is-going-to-die-if-something-isn't-done-right-now types.

Patience is a virtue, indeed! Maybe your pharmacist, doctor, whoever is not providing their services lickety-split because he or she is dealing with something that requires their attention and focus. And, if they'll make you late because they are giving their best effort and care to the emergency in need then you can BET they will do the same for you (and not just hurry through because the dumb ass lady at the counter needs her meds pronto).

James Pookay said...

Amen to Anonynous 5:40

I'm a physician myself.

Beware of any health care professional who never keeps you waiting, as they most likely habitually cut tons of corners for their own personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Why are you counting pills? Isn't that what a tech is for? Is that why you went to 5 or 6 years of college?

ps I am a community pharmacist