Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Latest Scam

Maybe this has been going on in your neighborhood for awhile, but it's new here. Since a lot of C2 scripts are coming via e-Script, those with fake scripts have had to step it up a notch to slip a few through the system.

Someone in town obtained some really nice heavy blue paper which looks like it is security feature paper. Upon closer inspection it's just nice paper and doesn't have any security features at all. But that's just part one of the scam.

The second thing is the timing when it is brought in... lunch time or after doctor's offices close. Nothing new there... it's actually a red flag to most pharmacists.

The new trick is that whoever brings in the script comes in wearing scrubs. Some will even have a lanyard with some ID hanging down from it. "I'm the caretaker of this patient" that just got out of the hospital, they will say.

Interesting, though, that the Rx is always for Oxycodone 30mg #180. And of course, they don't have the patient's pharmacy insurance. Cash will be just fine.

Keep your eyes peeled for this new scam.


Anonymous said...

The dedication is almost impressive. Imagine if these people put that much effort into something crazy like getting a job or some kind of productive way to earn money instead of scamming and selling meds.

Anonymous said...

And the level of coordination on social media is scary too. I used to have a partner that was not as cautious as your average pharmacist. Drove the techs nuts since he undermined everything I was trying to do. But customers loved him.

Throw a fit cause you're a week early? The 'nice' pharmacist will fill it.

Going on a long vacation and you need everything filled? Including a half dozen narcs? No prob, wait until the 'nice one' get in and he'll take care of it, no sweat.

And since these idiots coordinate online and share all kinds of info, they even know my store's schedule so they don't even bother trying with me anymore. They just wait and flood the store when my partner is in.

Anonymous said...

At $1/gram Oxycodone 30mg #180 is worth $5400. Not bad for 30 minutes work.
Overhead of about $50 and the scrubs can be used repeatedly so that goes down over time.
If not illegal and morally corrupt it would be a good business plan.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this scam is not new. They must have moved on to your area. The latest to hit us is a group taking care of elderly parents or grandparents. The senior citizen is brought in to provide validity. The "family member" provides a cell number and says "call me when it is ready'. Within a few weeks, we had half a dozen of these loving children or grandchildren all presenting RXs for Oxy 30 with ibuprofen and a BP med thrown in for good measure. All were from the same MD about 30 miles away. When we would call to verify we were told "pt was seen today."
One day, by chance, we entered the cell phone number in our search screen. Seven different pts names appeared at 4 different stores. All were pts of the same MD. It took weeks of saying "no" and this group finally moved on.
And, yes, we did provide this info to law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Funny that coming in at lunch time and after doctor's office hours is a red flag. I would assume most people have a job and have to use their lunch break or after their business hours to fill a script.