Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Demotivational Hump Days... Visits from The Authorities


Anonymous said...

Wow , we,too, had a "visit" today. It is the usual BS about metrics being about patient care (never about sales, of course). Oh, well.....

Anonymous said...

"Immunizations? Totally about improving the health of our patients!

Never mind that corporate only gives a crap about the $$$ they can rake in with the administration fees they can charge. Why do you think they're pushing us so hard to do all these stupid flu clinics and non-flu immunizations too?

How do you think these corporate, 'masters of the universe,' MBA, dime-a-dozen, mouth breathers make their bonuses? That's right, they have their own metrics that they have to keep 'in the green' so they can buy their boats and vacation homes and whatever it is rich a$$hole$ buy.

Ugh, /rant.

Begin day drinking.