Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Over the Counter MANLINESS

"What do you have for low testosterone?" he asked.

"We have AndroGel, a topical gel you apply, and a testosterone injection. You doctor might prescribe something else depending on your situation."

"Can I get one?"

"They require a prescription."

"What do you have over the counter?"

"There isn't anything over the counter to help with low testosterone that's panned out in studies," I reply.

"How much is that AndroGel?"

"It's very expensive. You'll have to call your insurance to see if it is covered and how much your co-pay would be."

"Can't I just buy it from you?" he asks, then winks.

"No, we need a prescription." I'm tempted to wink back, but let it go.

"Don't you have any pills I can take by mouth for low testosterone?"


"Can I just buy that injection from you?" he asks, and winks again.


He shakes his head, mumbles something about bad service, and walks off.


Anonymous said...

There are numerous testosterone supplements available, probably in the nutrition section of Goofmart, and that gn something place. Individual mileage may vary.

Anonymous said...

He shakes his head, mumbles something about bad service, and walks off.

One of my pet peeves.

I can't remember when our profession morphed from providing healthcare to providing 'excellent customer service,' a.k.a. fast food pharmacy. Mind you, I'm still professional, I'm just not a huge kiss ass like corporate wants me to be.

So, how is it bad customer service when I say no to people like:
- Miss "I don't have my insurance card, just look in the system" that throws a tantrum everytime her insurance changes.
- Mr "We don't have your uber-expensive name brand drug in stock" that has been told numerous times that he needs to call ahead or at least give us a day for his Rx. Nope.
- Mrs "Its your fault healthcare costs are so high" everytime she has to pay her copays for her name brand drugs that were 'paid for' by her low premium, high copay plan (I know, because I warned her of the high copays when she switched insurances)
- Every. Single. Opiate. Addict.