Saturday, April 2, 2016


A new prescription comes in. Flynn the tech brings it to me right away. The doctor has written her own name where the patient names goes, crossed it out, then wrote the patient name below it. In the body of the prescription she originally wrote it for quantity 16 tablets, then crossed that out and wrote 60.

We call the prescriber and talk to the office personnel. They verify that it is a valid prescription and that the doctor was "distracted" when she started writing the prescription (isn't that just what you want to hear about your brain surgeon -- that they're easily distracted?). She didn't want to start over with a new prescription blank because they cost a quarter.

This was a prescription from a "head and neck" surgeon's office. Now I admit I don't know much about the overhead of a surgeon's office, but I've heard that surgeons make pretty good money. Apparently that changed (no pun intended) because they're now very concerned about every quarter spent.

I think we need to start a fund called SAVE the SURGEONs. We need them to fix our brains and can't be without them. Things have obviously changed in the world of surgery, so I recommend we each send a quarter so that when they mess up on a prescription they can tear it up and start over. Please send a quarter to your local brain surgeon right away!

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Anonymous said...

Just imagine!

At the end of a long 9-5 day, they have to curl up in the back of their generic German luxury vehicles and dry their tears with 50's because they ran out of 100's paying for Rx pads.

Pretentious a$$hole$