Saturday, April 16, 2016


I hope they fix teeth better than they spell!


Anonymous said...

Why in the crap would anyone need 10mg to 20mg of freaking oxy every 4 hours other than being hooked on the stuff?

"Jeepers Dr. Toothless, DDS, I have no earthly idea how an opiate addiction epidemic came around, do you?" *Slams through 5 eRx's for oxy 30's.* "Excellent, now I can make my tee time at the club"

"Goodness gracious me Dr. Spineless, MD, I have thought about this many many times and still cannot come up with a logical explanation?" *Machine guns through 10 eRx's for Perc 10's* "Papa needs a new boat!"

ugh, Ugh, UGH

Anonymous said...

In California thats not even a legal script. The prescriber MUST sign AND date the rx and that is clearly a different pen amd writting