Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ban on Prescription Drug Advertising

My recent visit to the ASHP website revealed a recent article entitled "Pharmacist Association Calls for Ban on Prescription Drug Advertising." That association is ASHP.

All well and good, except at the top of the page there's an ad... for a prescription drug:

Oh well, nice try guys. Let's go ahead and kick off that ban by starting with your own website... ok?


sfachine said...

The 1st Amendment means shit to ASHP.

Anonymous said...

As annoying DTC big pharma drug commercials can be for pharmacists, just ask what your average mouth-breathing, idiot customer thinks about them. Then tell them that drug commercials are legal in only TWO countries in the entire freaking world.

Watch as their walnut-sized minds are blown... In slow motion. Because they're dumb. Then laugh.

This is how I survive.

tbunni said...

To be fair, the resolution does state "direct-to-consumer" advertising. This ad is on a pharmacists' website, which is most likely read by few "consumers."

Still - I do love the irony...