Saturday, June 18, 2016


Ok, enough about pharmacy.

Let's talk about flashlights. Yeah, ok, I admit it. I have a problem. I like a good flashlight. I have a bunch of different flashlights. I've bought some on eBay and Amazon. Some I bought at Home Depot. Some I've bought from China which came in mysterious packaging.

It's a problem. I don't know what to say. I'm not particularly afraid of the dark. And I don't use them that often. But a good flashlight is dang handy when you need one. And now that you can make your smart phone act like a flashlight the need to have one at any moment has declined dramatically.

I keep a flashlight everywhere. Almost every drawer in the house has a flashlight of some kind in it. So when you need a flashlight, one is not far away.

All right, I have a problem. I mentioned that already.

I keep them in odd places, like on top of door frame or hidden behind some books on the bookshelf. I have some in my tool bag, and more in my auto tool bag. I have one in the bathroom. I have one at work. Right now as I sit in front of the computer I can spy four flashlights, not including the one on my key ring.

Perhaps I need some counseling. Maybe I'm a flashlight hoarder.

And of course, the best ones are in my 72 hour survival kit. When there's a major disaster, I'll be prepared for the dark. Damn tootin'. You'll all be in the dark but I won't. Ha, I laugh at your darkness.

My boys are well aware of my love for a great flashlight. One year for Father's day one son found an 18-pack of small flashlights (with batteries included) somewhere. Now that was a great gift. Another year the other boy gave me a giant rechargeable flashlight. It was HUGE and BRIGHT. Damn, that was a good year.

I have regular flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, hand-crank flashlights, ones that blink, ones with whistles, and some with magnets attached... but the new LED flashlights are my favorite. They're way cool.

So tomorrow being Father's Day... there better be a cool flashlight among my gifts, or you two boys will be in big, big trouble.


Zed said...

To each his own... but I'm still looking at my screen in awe/confusion

Crazy RxMan said...

You won't be so confused when the power is out and you're left in the dark.

Unknown said...

Same problem here. After getting a few 900+ lumen, high performance lights, I look down with disdain on the 500 lumen ones I bought at Home Depot and Costco. I laugh at the pitiful crap Maglite markets. Battery Junction is a super online retailer for the flashlight junkie. Crazy, how do you keep batteries from leaking in all of those lights?

Anonymous said...

I share your enthusiasm. Not a problem

Crazy RxMan said...

Hey Pillboy, I guess I've just been lucky and not had too many leakages. I do buy the more expensive batteries so I guess that helps, I don't know.

Sadly, though, I have lost some favorites to battery leakage that was so extensive it destroyed the entire flashlight.

A moment of silence, please.