Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mission Impossible!

The Authorities have been diddling with the database of drugs, again.

This brain trust decided to change some of the names in our drug database... for example changing L-thyroxine to Levothyroxine. It's been "L-" for years.

That's no big deal. We're pharmacists and techs. We can handle it, right?

I guess not. In the middle of a busy afternoon I get a call from corporate. 

"Did you read the email?" she asked.

Reading corporate email is not on my list of priorities. Rarely is there anything in there that's good news, and mostly it's just some new project or announcement that I really don't want to hear (or read) about.

"Not yet," I reply. "We've been kinda busy... filling scripts and all."

I wonder if she detected my sarcasm...

"You need to read the email right now. There's a list of script numbers. You need to pull the hard copies and match each one to make sure the correct medication that was prescribed was in fact given to the patient. Our database was incorrect and a number of drugs linked to the wrong generic formulation. This needs to be done right now. All other issues are considered secondary. Call the number in the email when you've finished this assignment..."

The young lady kept yapping, but at this point I was hearing a Mission Impossible assignment... "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate hard copies of these script numbers ... and as always, should you or any of your Goofmart Force be caught or killed, The Authorities will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck."

So I go to the email, print out the script numbers, and while trying to keep up with the workflow, I complete the secret assignment from Corporate. I called the 800 number, entered in my secret code, and saved the world. Crisis averted. Stand down the missile silos. Are you not entertained? I am amazing.


Anonymous said...

I love working as hard as I can then working even harder just so my boss and their flunkies can make their annual bonus.

(said no pharmacist EVER)

Corporate pharmacy sucks.

Anonymous said...

As a former teacher, we always say that the people in Administration along w/ the idiots, I mean politicians, should spend a week in a classroom doing exactly what they demand we do! Although, they wouldn't make it through the morning, it could be interesting?? I think the same goes w/ Upper Management at The Goof! However, much like in education, your people wouldn't make it an hour on a Monday morning doing the RPH job! And while I'm dreaming, I think that the Higher Ups in the PA Dept. @ the insurance company should be denied a medication that they really need so they know exactly what we mere mortals go through! Stepping down now!