Thursday, June 16, 2016

We Might Be Doomed, Folks

"Where's the Abreva?" He asked.

"It's on aisle 8, on the left, just as you enter the aisle," I replied.

Now that seems like simple instructions, right? You would think so.

IT'S ON AISLE 8: That's clearly marked with a sign right above it. It's the number 8. It's big and red. You can't miss it. In fact, you're almost in aisle 8 right now from where you're standing.

ON THE LEFT: You have two hands. It will be on the side where your left hand is located. Seems fairly straight forward. Most people know their left from their right. As an added benefit, on the RIGHT side of aisle 8 is our American-made piece-o-crap blood pressure machine you've heard about. Obviously the Abreva wouldn't be there.

JUST AS YOU ENTER THE AISLE: That seems simple to me. You walk into the aisle and you're there. No need to go further... it's right there as you enter the aisle. It's RIGHT THERE.

So what did he do? First he started heading toward aisle 9. I yell out, "Aisle 8!" He looks up, sees the 8, and then heads in the right direction. Then he's into the aisle 6 feet or so when I told him to stop and come back, "Just as you enter the aisle," I repeated. He steps back to the entrance of the aisle and turns to his RIGHT, facing the blood pressure machine. "No, your OTHER RIGHT," I yell out. He turns around and there before him is the Abreva. Finally, success!

And people wonder why pharmacists look miserable all the time.

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iratecanadianpharmacist said...

Holy cow, do we work at the same store? My Abreva is in the EXACT same spot

Anonymous said...

I just assume people are dumb and physically walk them to whatever it is they think they need.

Sadly, it saves time.