Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hippie Logic

A lady, satisfied with our excellent customer service, brings her mom to the pharmacy to transfer all her prescriptions.

Mom has a big long list of medications, the name of the pharmacy, the Rx numbers, the dates she will run out of the medications. I'm there, holding this neatly typed list of at least twelve manufactured medications treating high blood pressure, diabetes, bladder issues, and an array of others... It was quite lovely to see a patient put in that much effort.

I tell her I'll add her into the system and I'll need her prescription insurance information. She hands me her red, white, and blue Medicare card. I tell her that we don't need that until she's ready to get a flu shot.

"Oh, no, we don't believe in that!" she spits out. "That's not natural at all. We're hippies!"

But... but... I'm thinking... ah, just let it go. Choose your battles wisely, friends.