Monday, September 19, 2016

Security is of Utmost Importance!

It's that time of year again... time for the Goofmart Auditor to come around and stick her nose into every corner of the pharmacy to find something wrong.

Everyone starts at 100%. Then the little dings here and there add up. Anything below 92% is considered failing. Now let's not talk about the implications of that. How many of you would have been thrilled to get 92% in all your classes in high school? I sure would have.


The major ding that killed our score today happened right when she arrived. Mickey the other pharmacist had left the side door (which leads into the million dollar waiting room) wide open. He does this on occasion because Goofmart Grocery refuses to turn down the thermostat. It's not winter yet so there's no reason to make it colder and more comfortable for the customer. No, we're a blistering adobe blast furnace this time of year. Seriously, we should start baking pizzas in addition to filling scripts. Add to that not having enough tech help and all the running around that goes along with that lack of help and we end up hot and nasty in the pharmacy. Having the door open creates a slight breeze which helps.

But noooooo, that's not acceptable. "It's a security risk," the auditor explained. "Security is of utmost importance." Now, mind you, she's explaining this while standing in the middle of our pharmacy, which has been remodeled in such a way that we have low counters all around the front of the pharmacy. (They're even lower than the sample picture I found online). They're so low even an old lady could jump over them at any time. In the center of the low counters is an even lower "half door" which anyone can reach over and open to let themselves in at any time. Little kids do it all the time. More than once we've had a parent doing laps IN our pharmacy chasing a laughing toddler. Or if you're tall and wanted to get in the pharmacy in a hurry, you could easily step over the half door. There is absolutely NOTHING that would prevent a burglar from entering the pharmacy at ANY time. But keeping that one silly side door closed is of "utmost importance."

It's this kind of nonsense that makes the Crazy RxMan... well, CRAZY. I really wonder if there is anyone in upper management with any brains at all. Seriously.

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Anonymous said...

I am a medical transcriptionist for a large company. Anything less than 100% on weekly audits of my work takes money out of my paycheck, usually about $100 per incident. Only saving grace is I work from home and don't have to deal with people, and can work nekked if I want to.