Monday, September 26, 2016

Superman has Kryptonite

Here's a shocker...

Husband/wife 65+ come in for shots. Granddaughter is due to give birth soon and the OB/GYN wants everyone inoculated. It's a fairly common request. 

Wife gets flu shot, then drags Husband in to get a flu shot and a Tdap. Husband never has had a Tdap or a flu shot. Why? Wife says he's afraid of shots.

He refused to fill out the form, so his wife did it for him. He refused to sign it. They quibbled for a good ten minutes then finally he signed it.

When I went to immunize him he actually tensed up and winced like a little girl. I've had little girls wiggle and cry. I even had a teenage boy cry. But this is the first time I've had a man act like a complete wuss.

What most seniors see when they get a shot:

(Hey look, I'm wearing a stethoscope again).

Apparently this is what the husband saw:

Send in the next victim. Muahahahahahaha

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