Thursday, September 22, 2016

Next in Line!

After the remodel, things are different. And because things are different, our regular clientele don't know where they should stand and wait their turn. It seems previous obvious to me where they need to line up, but like I say... it's different than it was before.

Case in point....

We get a 4:30 pm rush. This happens sometimes. It's the Twilight Zone hour. People get off of work and race to the pharmacy to pick up their meds so they can then get home, eat, and tune into Duck Dynasty. 

The start of the line for the pick-up window is close to the line for the drop-off window. Oh, there's Miss Dumbleson. She's in line at the drop-off window. She must have a new prescription. This isn't surprising... she sees a new doctor almost every day. Oh and here comes Mrs. Loombaron. She flies right by the drop-off line and zooms right over to the register.

I step over to the will-call to get her medications off the shelf. Then I hear it...

"I'M NEXT IN LINE!" in a guttural, growling voice. Was it even human? I'm not sure who said it. It was loud and angry and deep and scary. "I'M NEXT!!!" -- Miss Dumbleson is looking at Mrs. Loombaron with a look that would melt ice. People pushing their carts by look at the situation in horror. A kid sitting in a cart has his mouth wide open. I saw a teenager that the store has who pushes a broom around quickly push the broom around the corner and vanish.

Miss Dumbleson is clearly not in the pick-up line, but I don't want to start a fight or get in the middle of things. This was one of the situations where you just want to slink into the corner and hide until it is all over. But I'm a grown man and well, you just can't do that.

Mrs. Loombaron, "I'm so sorry, I had no idea you were next in line. I'm so sorry, let me move."

And then as if angels themselves descended, Miss Dumbleson replies, in the most sweet, flowery voice you've ever heard, "It's ok, sweetie. It's not a big deal at all. You go next..."

I quickly check out Mrs. Loombaron and get Miss Dumbleson's meds ready to check out. I don't want to destroy this complete stroke of luck. The heavens have shined upon me today.

Upon finishing our transaction, Miss Dumbleson smiles at me... and with the same flowery voice, she says, "Happy a great day, Crazy!"


Zed said...

Sometimes the best way to deal with that sort of person is to be calm and to treat fire with WATER instead of more fire. Doesn't work all the time though. The Medic Mind

Anonymous said...

Had that happen. In line, 15 minutes, while a customer got checked out, slowly. Just as she was leaving, a "lady" blew right past the 6 foot tall, "WAIT HERE" in big red letters sign. Next to which I was standing. Obviously.

You bet I piped up. And got the embarrassed, oh my I didn't see you (uh-huh, she damn near ran me down in her hurry to get past me), after you, etc etc. "Lady" figured I wouldn't call her on it. Surprise....

I'm an elderly, formerly polite, white male. Ten years ago, I'd have been nice. Today- no way Jose. You get the behavior you reward.

The pharm tech quite properly ignored all this byplay.