Saturday, December 3, 2016

Elk's Blood

The following is all that was written on a prescription brought in to the pharmacy the other day:

Which completely baffled me for two reasons.

1. It was written for a 16 year old kid.
2. There are no other instructions to give me any clue.

I posted this image on Twitter and received a number of replies that this is APPARENTLY a prescription for an exam: an EKG 12 lead. (See LINK if you're curious).

The father brought me this prescription. He had no idea what it was for and didn't pay attention at the physician's office when it was handed to him. At least he admitted it.

I am, however, delighted that one Twitter user @pharmer618 quickly and correctly identified the medication:

So let this be a lesson to all of us:

Never guess if you don't know what's written on the prescription. 

I guess I'll have to wait until the lady from Anda (calling in on a recorded line) calls. Neither McKesson or Cardinal carries Elk's Blood and I'm sure this kid needs it right away.


Pattycake said...

EKG ?lead

Pattycake said...

After more consideration: EKG 12 lead