Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Advil Silver

Have you ever had this great idea for a product idea in a dream? And then you wake up really excited about the product idea... until you wake up enough to realize it wasn't such a good idea afterall?

This was me this morning.

In my dream I brilliantly crafted the idea of combining ibuprofen with daily vitamins for the elderly:
Advil Silver was the idea concocted in my head, obviously combining Advil and Centrum Silver. I even invented the idea that it would be enteric coated to protect the tummy. Then in my dream I realized that Motrin would have their own version and call it Motrin Gold... you know, for the golden years.

Now that I'm fully awake I'm not certain it's such a good idea. But if this is a thing I'm taking full credit for it. Please notify me and I'll get you an address to send my royalty fees.

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Anonymous said...

In the hospital, when old people can't sleep, we give them tylenol. Works like a charm.