Tuesday, March 28, 2017

More Misguided Priorities

The regional pharmacy manager paid a tech to spend the entire day on Sunday getting the pharmacy in order for the more corporate visitors coming next week. Part of that reset was redoing the OTC items. The tech followed a planogram exactly which told which product was to be where, exactly, on the shelves.

Then the grocery store manager came in on Monday morning and spent the ENTIRE morning resetting it the way HE wanted it, not only ignoring the planogram from corporate, and despite us telling him that the RPM wouldn't be happy with it. The store manager didn't want to listen to us.

When I arrived at work that afternoon, the RPM showed up as well. He ignored all the hard work that the Sunday tech performed all over the pharmacy, instead focusing on some really unusual things deemed vital to change. For example, some items posted on a cork board weren't aligned perfectly horizontal.

And then he saw the OTC items and how they didn't match the planogram, at all. By his reaction you'd think we'd killed a child or something else horrible. There was nothing we could do. We had to blame it on the store manager or the tech would have been in trouble. 

The next thing I know the store manager and the RPM are working side by side in the pharmacy while we're trying to fill prescriptions. They spent at least two hours resetting the products BACK to match the planogram.

Can you imagine all the time, money, and resources wasted here over NOTHING except to impress some corporate managers?

Such mismanaged priorities. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

I just realized something.

This is the same thing that Trump's advisors are doing. They tell him and show him what he wants to hear then scurry around trying to fix stuff behind the scenes all the while making the frontline folks lives a complete hell.

That's it folks. The US presidency has now been assimilated into corporate 'murica.

We're so screwed.

May I help who's next?

tbunni said...

Amen, sister (or brother as the case may be), amen.