Thursday, March 9, 2017

You can't Fight Stupid

Recently my pharmacy had a visit from Mr. D-A-W. He came by to tell me his doctor was faxing in a prescription for Percocet and that we needed to order the brand for him.

I understand that in different states the laws may vary on this situation, but in my state, you may:

* Call in or fax a C2 script in an emergency situation or for a patient in hospice BUT you must follow up with a hard copy within three days.


* Send an e-Script for a C2 controlled substance once you're approved by the Board of Pharmacy for e-Prescribing.

I explained to Mr. D-A-W that I would order the Percocet, but he would need to go by his doctor's office and get a hard copy script for the med. I explained the difference between C2 and C3-C5 scripts. I told him the law was very clear on the matter.

Mr. D-A-W argued with me. He said he had just been at the doctor's office and that they were going to go fax over the prescription. I tried to explain the situation to Mr. D-A-W, but he protested further. I said his doctor should know the law and since he didn't that I would call the office and explain it to them.

"Oh, no, don't do that," Mr. D-A-W replied. 

Maybe he was feeling like maybe I was right on the situation but just didn't want to admit it. I don't know.

And now for the best part... when Mr. D-A-W returned a few days later with a hard copy C2 prescription for Percocet, he told me that the doctor's office personnel were all surprised about the situation and told him that I was full of baloney.

I just shook my head and filled the prescription. Sometimes you just can't fight stupid. That's your lesson for today: Sometimes you just can't fight stupid.


iratecanadianpharmacist said...

on the few occasions I couldn't control myself, I actually printed out the federal laws and lists, highlighted the important lines and faxed them back to the offices

Anonymous said...

But you can train it.

Anonymous said...

Mr DAW must be related to this stellar couple I saw at my pharmacy this week. C2 script for OxyContin, 180ct, brought in 15 minutes before closing.Alarm bells going off,
my RPh declined the RX. The guy said we were refusing to fill it because he had long
hair & wasn't in a suit. The lady started
going on about how they, she meant he, really needed it. Then she told us she also takes meth. Yeah, no. Buh-bye now.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if you can kill it...and the host.

Anonymous said...

Stupid people breed like rabbits, producing more stupid people.

Those stupid people are easily fooled and led around by the nose by sociopaths (think rich people like Trump, think greedy con artists like Martin Shkreli, think two-faced corporate scumbags like your average corner office lusting, wannabe master-of-the-universe, MBA-toting manager).

The more ignorant the general public gets, the easier it is for the upper 1% scum to sink their claws into more money/power/influence/whatever.

Folks, we are screwed.

Sigh, of course I can waive that copay on your welfare-funded Rx for Suboxone.

May I help who's next?