Wednesday, October 18, 2017

And the Fake Rx is...

...the Oxycodone Rx. 

THIS is a fake:

The following two scripts are REAL:

If you decided you would fill the fake prescription, don't feel bad. At least two other prescriptions similar to it were filled by pharmacists here in the Tri-County area.


Anonymous said...

So, was it the date issued that should tip us off?


Hildy said...

Yes, what made someone suspicious? Too much information? Too readable?

Unknown said...

Handwriting, as a Pharmacist myself. We know mostly all the Doctors within the area & know what there writing & signature looks like. Red flag when you get a controlled script from a Doctor you know & the handwriting is off or too readable. Another red flag is the "patient is moving to UK, patient will follow up with pcp in UK" a Dr. would never write this on a script as we dont need to know this information unless the patient is getting an early refill approved by his doctor for traveling. In this case we always call the Dr to verify the date the patient is leaving & returning