Monday, October 2, 2017

What do YOU do with your #OldMedBottle?

Medication bottles serve a lot of purposes other than storing your medication. You probably have a family member that uses their old bottles to keep things. Ordinary things. Or weird things. Or maybe having an old med bottle is really useful.

Maybe your crazy Aunt Sherry has a strangely odd use for her medication bottles. WE WANT TO KNOW.

Email me a picture of your favorites ( and I'll add them to a future blog post. Or just post it on Twitter with the hashtag #OldMedBottle. 

This will be fun, people. Join in the fun.


Silja said...

I donate mine to the local low-cost spay/ neuter clinic, they always need med bottles for painkillers they send home with the cats and dogs.

Anonymous said...

quarters for the toll booths, but now we have pay by tag so.....