Thursday, October 5, 2017


At the pick-up window a lady asks for a medication for June Smith. It takes a moment to verify the birthday because the lady isn't June Smith. It's a neighbor or friend or someone duly appointed to pick up medication for June Smith.

"You'll have to sign out the medication for June," I say, pointing to signature capture device. I cringe, inside, knowing what's about to happen next...

The Actual Look on my Face
"Do I sign my name or June's name?" she says, and there it is, a full cringe on my part. Yep, she said it. She really said it.

I couldn't help myself. The words left my lips before I could stop them. Maybe it's the lack of tech help, or that it was late in the day... I don't know.

"When have you EVER signed any legal documents using someone else's name?" I asked.

Startled, she pondered for maybe five seconds, then signed her name. She was quiet as she took the medication and left.

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Anonymous said...

It's not that rare (to forge someone's name on a legal document). I do it regularly. My long dead husband continues to get checks and other "legal" notices in the mail and I just sign his name to be done with the stuff. It's too damn much trouble to have to amend his estate in order to cash a small check.