Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Demotivational Hump Day... Math


Anonymous said...

I don't think this one is the Dr. This looks like the ipoc program is programmed wrong and auto populates. THat is scary!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea..that's the computer doing it's own personal thing there. Ours will randomly autopopulate the duration box with random weird numbers for reasons that the IT people can't explain. And we lowly prescribers are only allowed to see 10 characters in boxes labeled "take", "route", and "formulation" and "duration" and "frequency" and etc....cause well, "that's the program". And the program loves to have things like "1 tablet daily with meals" autopopulated (of which I can see "1 tablet") so when you change the frequency to BID, the pharmacist is all kinds of confused and this generates faxes and telephone encounters and angry patients because "I" screwed up the simple act of refilling someone's metformin in some demonic attempt at causing mayhem and chaos.....ah yes. Computers.

Thank goodness we're saving lives by doing all the prescribing on the computer.