Saturday, December 23, 2017

"Merry Christmas to You!"

It's been different this year. I've noticed it. Have you?

People aren't afraid to say "Merry Christmas" anymore. For the longest time we've been pushed and coerced and pressured to say "Happy Holidays." But something has changed out there. When I was a kid we said it all the time. Then somewhere along the way it became politically correct to use "Happy Holidays" because we wouldn't want to offend anyone.

But this year either people don't care if wishing someone a Merry Christmas is offends them, maybe because if you're getting offended by someone saying that to you then you're really the one with the problem. Or maybe people aren't going to let themselves be offended anymore just because someone wishes them some good cheer.

Whatever it is, I hope it stays.

As for me, I'm saying "Merry Christmas" all day at work. 

So Merry Christmas, blog post reader.


Allegra said...

Huh, here I've been assuming Christmas and New Years were holidays. When did that change?

Anonymous said...

I never say "happy holidays" because it is politically correct. I say it because it is easier than saying "merry Christmas and happy new year!" two words to cover both holidays. But that's just me. Merry Christmas, Mr. Crazy, and blog on!

Stark Radio said...

Merry Christmas, Crazy RXMan!

Anonymous said...

I've never known anyone to be afraid to say Merry Christmas... at least, no one that wasn't employed by Fox News to make up BS about the left side of the political spectrum to whip their base into a frenzy. And I live in an extremely liberal state. Weird, that.