Monday, December 4, 2017

The "AC1" Magic Pill

Some old crotchety guy steps up to the counter today and asks, “I hear there’s a new medication to lower my AC1. What is it?”

“We have lots of medications to lower your blood sugar. They require a prescription though.”

“It’s something new for AC1!” he says, getting angry. “I just want to lower my AC1 now!

Why do old people get so angry so quickly in Snootyville?

A1C is an indicator of your blood sugar over the past three months. I don’t think you’re understanding what that is.”

But I saw it on TV!” he says.

“Well, go see your doctor and they’ll draw some blood and we'll go from there.”

<shaking head and mumbling>

Man walks away.


Anonymous said...

Us old people get angry quickly because we don't have much time left on this earth and hate wasting it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of lowering A1C levels......Do you have a lot of patients (all RPH’s feel free to answer this, PLEASE) that take a combo of Lantus and Victoza? And just for some real fun; how often are you asked, “Can I use my pen needle for a few days before throwing it away?”

Thank you, Crazy, for all you do.