Saturday, March 3, 2018

Foil Hat Lady and the Stuffy Nose

Foil Hat Lady was in last week asking me about her stuffy nose. I suggested several options for her to try. The next day she was back because one ear was still plugged up. Since we had already spent 15 minutes the previous day and she said she didn't take any of my advice I recommended she see her physician.

Later in the day I received the following e-Script:

We filled the script. Foil Hat Lady came to get the prescription. Then we spent the next 10 minutes with me trying to convince her NOT to use the spray in her ear.

"But it's my EAR that's plugged up," she wailed.

After some tedious explanation she finally agreed to use it in her nose. BUT then we spent the next 10 minutes discussing what "whiff" means. Even after pulling out the package insert and showing her how to use the medication she still didn't believe me. She was entirely convinced that "whiff" means that she should spray it into the air and then try to smell the aerosolized particles.

She left with her medication, but I have a feeling she's going to spray it into her ear when she gets home. Heck, maybe it will even work?

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Anonymous said...

When I was a tech (90-96) I had personally entered a script myself. When it’s a child I’d type: Shake well & give Johnny 1 teaspoon by mouth three times daily until all taken (I’ll switch out the TAT w/ the amount of days (if the doctor wrote it) when there will be extra meds. Anyway, 40 mins after filling such script the mom called in a panic & would only talk to me. I pulled the script & double checked, showed it to the RPH & he said it’s correct so I went back to the phone to let her know the dose was correct. I kid you not, “The doc must be wrong then because when I put the meds into his ears it oozes out!” I about choked & asked her to read me the directions off the bottle. When she finished she said, “See the doc was wrong. He has an ear infection. How will it get to the ear if I give it by mouth?” It took her calling me three times @!about 30 minutes each call to convince her everything would be okay.