Thursday, March 29, 2018


I answer the phone. 

"Is this a Pharmacist?" an elderly lady asks. 


"Yeah you fill a prescription for my neighbor. She needs a refill."

Ok. What's her name?

"Adeline. Are you a temporary pharmacist? The regular people know her."

Last name?

"Uh, I can't remember, but you would know her. She gets all her stuff there."

I'll try and figure it out. What's the medication?

"Uh, I don't know. But you should know. She gets all her meds there. It's for Adeline."

I've been working here since 2008. I don't recall a patient named Adeline. Maybe you're calling the wrong pharmacy?"

"No. She gets all her stuff there," she says, then raises her voice as if that's going to help. "IT'S FOR ADELINE."

There's another Goofmart Pharmacy down the road. They do a lot of meds for care homes. Maybe if you call them they will recognize the name. That number is...

<Click> she hangs up on me. 

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