Saturday, March 10, 2018

It's Time to Stand Up

You don't need more tech help. Why would you need more tech help? You haven't killed any patients despite the increase in script count, therefore you must be handling everything fine. 

That's the attitude we get when we ask for more tech hours. And when we directly ask for more help, we're told:

"Labor continues to be a problem for us at Goofmart Pharmacy. I'm sure you're very frustrated," as said by our new regional manager. 

"But if you can get sales up, then you'll get more tech hours. Pushing those vaccines will get the sales up. Make sure you ask every patient."

That's one of management's tricks. They turn it around and put the blame on you. It's all your fault you don't have more tech help.

But it is a lieOur sales and script count have steadily increased for the past five years. Our tech hours have remained the same the entire time. We're already stretched past the breaking point. A serious error is imminent.

Maybe that's why there's a bunch of positions available at Goofmart pharmacies in our entire division? Maybe pharmacists are tired of being pushed too far?

I know I am

So I don't ask every patient if they want the latest greatest vaccine we're pushing. I simply don't have the time to stop the workflow process if they would say yes. And when a patient does ask about a vaccine, I do everything I can to schedule them during a slow time. If upper management knew that they would blow a gasket. But that's reality. I can't stop the workflow.

"It's not any different than filling a prescription," they tell us.

Oh, yes it is. By saying that you're demonstrating that you have no idea what really goes on in a busy pharmacy. We don't draw syringes and glove up for each prescription we fill. Telling us it's the same is ridiculous. Who are you trying to kid, imbecile?

So let's see how much more I can take. I've just about had it with this company hell bent on rolling the dice on patient safety. All the "action plans" and "opportunities" in the world won't change the fact that we need more tech help.

I'm a good pharmacist, but I'm not perfect. At some point the lack of adequate help will have detrimental effects. If you're in the same position where you work, you need to admit that to yourself too.

It's time we stand up to management and say enough is enough. 


Envy said...

I'm a veterinarian who works for a corporation and the same thing happens to us. We tell corporate we need more techs and they tell us that we need to increase revenue. But when we increase revenue, they tell us that since we were able to hit the goal with our current number of techs, we don't need more techs. The only way to win is not to play .

Anonymous said...

It won't change until someone gets killed by a simple mistake and the media starts reporting how bad the stress management puts on the pharmacy to increase profits over safety

Anonymous said...

Teach them a lesson...kill someone. Phucking management idiots. Oooooooooo...kill one of them!

Unknown said...

It's an ethics problem. The people running the system are completely driven by profits and share holder value. It's not just pharmacy. I bet if you look at your local hospital you will see plenty of new nurses with one or two seasoned nurses about to lose their minds. There is a local group of family physicians that pooled their resources (turning family care into a cattle operation). I don't believe that this will fix itself if someone dies. Consumers are not willing to go after the people at the top. If they were we wouldn't have our credit card information stolen every week.