Saturday, March 24, 2018

They're Never Short on Attitude

Caller: "YOU shorted me five tablets on my prescription!"

Me: "Ok, what's the Rx number?"

Caller: "8343094. I was just filling my med set and YOU shorted me five tablets on my Oxycodone."

Me: "I didn't fill the medication. Let me confer with Mickey the manager when he gets here and we'll give you a call back."

Caller: "I'm a NURSE. I know YOUR procedure. YOU have to go look at your log book RIGHT NOW and see that YOU shorted me five tablets."

Me: "Thank you for reminding me of my responsibilities. I also have a responsibility to confer with the manager over these claims. If our count is over then it's likely that he did accidentally short you tablets. BUT I still need to talk to him about it."

Caller: "Well I want YOU to take care of this NOW. That's YOUR job!"

Me: "Ok, then, I'll give you a call when..."

<click> she hung up

Later in the day during overlap the lady shows up...

Mickey apologizes, gives her the five tablets and a gift card. Does she give him attitude? Treat him like he's stupid, at fault, or talk down to him? 

No, that was apparently reserved just for me.


Anonymous said...

Just picked up a new prescription yesterday. 2 tabs twice a day, but there are only 30 pills in the bottle. The prescription was written for 30 doses, which is a weird way to write it. No idea why the dr didn't write for 60 tabs instead of 30 doses, but I only have half my medicine. SO... is it going to really annoy the pharmacy people if I insist that I get to read all the labels before paying from now on?

Mary said...

Maybe I am remiss, but I have never counted pills in any Rx when I receive it. I have gotten many for controlled substances over the years &I just trust that it’s correct. Recently they’ve been labeled “double counted”.1) I am trusting 2) I don’t abuse drugs...

Crazy RxMan said...

Double counting prevents errors. I always double count controls. Unfortunately the guy I work with doesn’t. We rarely make mistakes but it happens once or twice a year.

Anonymous said...

So was she shorted or did he hand them over? What about counting the meds in front of such patients & make them sign for the count? I know it adds more time but could it help in the end?