Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Multiple GoodRx Coupons Adds to the Nightmare

Those that know me already know that I'm NOT a fan of GoodRx. If you're new to the blog, read about it HERE.

More patients are coming in with GoodRx coupons for each individual drug, not just one GoodRx card to cover them all. So just when you thought it was bad enough... it's worse. Much worse.

A gentleman in the back raises his hand.

"Why, Crazy RxMan? Why?"

Simply put, it's exactly like entering new insurance information EACH TIME we type in a new prescription. It's tedious and adds a lot of time to the filling process. We're already under staffed and overworked. This only makes our jobs much more difficult.

Imagine going out to dinner with your entire family. You all order different items from the menu and have a great time. Then the waiter gives you the bill. You ask him or her to bill each individual dinner using a different credit card. And what's more... he or she can't just swipe the card-- no, each credit card must be tediously typed into the computer one at a time. It's a monumental task and requires a lot of time-- time that could be spent counseling patients or filling prescriptions.

The BEST Place for a GoodRx Card
It's a waste of time for the pharmacy. It adds to our time to fill prescriptions and that puts pressure to fill faster. The end result is that patient safety is compromised in one way or another.

Eventually, something bad is going to happen. This isn't a joke. It's a fact. It will happen. Please stop this madness before someone gets hurt.

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Anonymous said...

i tell the patients that we only need the info one time, the rest can be thrown away. if they insist, i just bill it all under the same one anyway and tell them it was billed differently.
the problem is when they bring in different discount cards/manufacturer cards; then you *have* to bill them differently. >_<