Saturday, December 12, 2015

Does the Fridge Light go out when you Close the Door?

Seriously. Think about it. You're not inside the refridgerator when you close the door. You HOPE that the light goes out, but you don't actually know for sure.

That's how people who call about their automatic refill every month must be at home. It doesn't matter how many times you explain it to them, even explaining the word "automatic," they still call every month.

"Yes, I'm calling about my prescription for Attend-doe-laul. It's on automatic refill. I want to make sure it will be refilled."

Yes, Mr. Dim Fart. We have this discussion every month and I've assured you over and over that it will be ready to pick up.

"Ok, I'm just making sure."

I imagine Mr. Dim Fart in his kitchen... peering into his fridge as he slowly closes the door. He wants to see that light go off just before the door is closed, but he can't because it doesn't go out until the door is completely closed. Sure, he could have faith that the light actually goes out, but he's just not sure... so he tries again. And again. And again.

And then when he sees about seven tablets left in his bottle, he calls down to the pharmacy. It doesn't matter that the bottle says "automatic refill scheduled." Oh no, he's going to call and make sure, just like with the fridge light.

I need a vacation.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, my medication is on auto-refill. Sometimes it works fine and my medication is refilled. Other times the computer calls and tells me it is time to refill it. Nevermind that it's supposed to be on auto-refill. Then I'll refill it, go into the store and inquire as to why it didn't automatically refill and they'll say 'Oh, it was supposed to, I don't know what happened.'. Every 2 months or so that happens. My script is written for a full year so I really should get 11 auto-refills.

Anonymous said...

Has this guy ever had to wait for something to be order because his med was out of stock? He's probably never worked in a pharmacy so he doesn't know which meds are plentiful and which may actually be out of stock. He may just be trying to save himself a useless drive to your pharmacy. This seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do.

Wrong Aid said...

Auto refills.....the single most dangerous thing to hit pharmacy in the last 5 years. So so so many mistakes. When you have a quota that is. But hey, you gotta get those numbers right?

Smart Girl said...

I had a fridge light that did not, in fact, actually go out when you closed the door. The switch that turned the light off was in the wrong place on the frame and it didn't get triggered when the door was closed. Things left close to the bulb would spoil rapidly. I eventually just removed the bulb entirely because by the time we figured it out it was too late to return the fridge.

Anonymous said...

Only idiots use auto-refills, believe me, Crazy Rx Man will STILL wait 'til the day it's due to even ORDER it! Also, these "prove you are not a robot" things are hilarious, yet hard to see on an iPad, cuz I'm guessing that Crazy is a great fan of ....thinking....come on old brain cells...oh yeah! MICROSOFT!