Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Concept of Time

"The doc JUST sent it over."

"I JUST left the doctor's office."

"I JUST entered the Rx number on your phone line."

These are a few of the strangest things you will hear at the pharmacy. Why is it strange? Because people apparently no longer have any concept of linear time.

Dear Patient,

We live in a three dimensional world traveling through a fourth dimension. That fourth dimension is time. I know this is a hard concept for people to grasp, but at any one point in linear time, time must go forward to complete a task.

Think of it this way: Suppose you're sitting around in your Snuggie on Black Friday with your Starbucks in hand and ordering Christmas gifts on Amazon. You click the purchase button. Does the package magically appear at your doorstep? No, of course not. It takes time to complete your order.

Now here's the real stretch: I know this is going to blow your mind, but it's the SAME THING in pharmacy! Just because your doctor typed in a new script for you at his/her office, it doesn't magically appear out of thin air at our pharmacy! I know, crazy, huh? WE NEED TIME TO FILL YOUR PRESCRIPTION.

Now here's the best part I want you to think about. WHEN you appear at the pharmacy before we've had a chance to complete the filling process, it takes MORE time to stop and talk to you about why it isn't done. By not giving us time to complete the task, you're actually increasing the time before it will be ready for pick up!

I know these are difficult concepts. But I know you can figure it out if you put your cell phone away for a good fifteen minutes and think about it.

Thank you,

Every pharmacist, everywhere.

p.s. If you wonder why it takes time to fill a prescription, check out this LINK.

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Anonymous said...

I know my pharmacist shares your frustration. They built an immediate care right next door to the pharmacy. The immediate care transmits the prescriptions directly to the pharmacy and the patient shows up 30 seconds later asking where it is. He looks like a tennis player running back and forth back there!