Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Made Up Jobs

It's Monday morning at the pharmacy. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you already know what that means. If not, read HERE.

In the height of the chaos, one of the sub commanders appears at the window with another fellow I don't recognize. The new guy is sticking out his hand and wants to shake mine (news flash... pharmacists for the most part are germophobes). I think he said he's from Loss Prevention, but I don't really remember. 

It's a crazy Monday morning. I have two people at the drop off window, two people who refuse to sit in the waiting room but instead choose to stare at me, and actual people sitting in the waiting room. The order has arrived and new product is all over the back counter. People will be arriving shortly to get the things we had to order for them because the other pharmacist refuses to tell people their stuff will be ready AFTER 12pm ("It will be here Monday morning" he always says) and we don't have their stuff processed yet.  

So here we are in the middle of utter chaos and this bloke wants to go through our garbage to make sure there isn't any HIPAA-related private patient information in there.

"Knock yourself out," I said.

So in the middle of our busy morning, I have to escort these dudes around to the various garbage bins in our pharmacy so this guy can dig around looking for anything that might have a patient name on it. The whole time, of course, the entire brigade of eyes in front of the pharmacy are staring at me, including two more people who have moved into line at the pick up window.

It occurred to me how this is yet another made up job so some guy can wear a suit and a tie and have a job. Here we're actually trying to do actual work in the pharmacy and this is a guy who thinks he's doing something important. 

There's a lot of jobs like these in private companies and a whole lot more in government jobs. I wish I had a made up job. I want to go around in a suit and a tie and pretend I'm doing something important too, but instead I have a real job.

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Unknown said...

Barney always requires lots of useless lieutenant commanders. I never saw any organizational chart explaining the "pecking order." In their words: "It is what it is." In 7.5 years, I never saw such a chart.