Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Peeking around the Corner

A teenage boy comes in with a prescription for Bactrim for his arm acne. Ok, maybe it is not acne and really is MRSA, but I think it is just acne and the doctor was appeasing the patient's mom.

The patient's mom is a little weird. That's putting it mildly. She's someone that has filled three prescriptions with us in the past five years. But that doesn't stop her from calling the pharmacy for odd questions about every oddball question you can imagine. Over the years I have fielded questions about generic versus brand products, the new propellant in albuterol products, and her insistence that the Cephalexin capsule she took didn't dissolve and is just sitting in her stomach.

Today the weirdness continued...

We're busy at the pharmacy. Flynn the super tech types up the script and tells the lady it will be 30-40 minutes. There's lots of chaos on this particular Monday and we're doing our best to keep up... but you know, flu shots increase sales but corporate doesn't have any extra help to send us.

I'm filling several prescriptions that were dropped off before the Bactrim script was dropped off. Flynn is flying around the pharmacy like a fool multitasking his heart out. Oxycodone is pouring from bottles like chocolate in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I'm like a Navy Seal, constantly scanning the horizon ready to provide top notch service at a moment's notice...

That's when I see her. Off to the left, peeking around the corner of the edge of the pharmacy... watching me. She sees me see her and she steps back out of my sight. I shake my head a little and go back to the filling fest. I finish another script and look back up to scan the horizon...

There she is again, peeking at me. I don't know this lady's deal, but she's spying on me while I fill prescriptions. So I belt out to her, loud enough so that everyone could hear me, especially the ghosts in aisle eight, "Why are YOU staring at me?"

Everyone was stunned, including Flynn. It was quiet for a moment. All eyes turn to this crazy lady, peeking at me around the corner. She dissolves and slinks away. Later her son comes back and picks up the prescription.

I don't know why she was spying on me or what she thought she would learn by peeking around the corner, but she hasn't called the pharmacy since it has happened, so I can be happy for that.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe she has a crush on you, you big lug; either that, or she is a serial killer stalking her next victim.