Saturday, December 26, 2015

More Craziness from the Foil Hat Society

Foil Hat Lady was in for a Z-Pack.

I tell her that she should take the medication with food or milk.

"I don't drink milk," she says, "for religious reasons."

She pays for her meds and pushes her cart away. Another satisfied customer at the Goofmart, I think to myself.

After about 15 minutes, she's back at the register to ask me another question. I see in her grocery cart she has not one, not two, but three cartons of ice cream of various flavors. ICE CREAM, I think to myself, IS A DAIRY PRODUCT that contains MILK.

But I don't say anything. She asks a few questions. I don't recall the conversation nor did I bring up the ice cream, but she did. It was then that she made it very clear that the ice cream is for her.

I resist the urge to ask what religion is ok with milk in ice cream but not drinking milk. Milk is milk, right? But I resist.

So I still don't know what religion it is, exactly, that is ok with eating dairy products in cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, but prohibits the drinking of milk.

All I know is that Foil hat lady will eat ice cream but not drink milk. "For religious reasons."


Anonymous said...

Makes as much sense as any of the other religious arguments I have heard.


Anonymous said...

Although it may be possible that she is buying the ice cream for someone else, it is more likely that she doesn't understand that ice cream is made from milk. But I bet she avoids ice milk! Do they even sell that abomination any more?

Anonymous said...

Hey now... manipulating religious beliefs to suit one's own personal agenda is not isolated to the crazy tin foil hat ladies of the world. In fact you could probably look at this as one of the more normal things she does.

Thanks for the laughs all year :) Safe and happy holidays to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

maybe those are dairy free ice cream?

Anonymous said...

Had a lady ask me if the armour thyroid she had been on for years was kosher......

Anonymous said...

Once had a lady tell me she couldn't get GENERIC birth control pills because it was against her religion ! Brand was OK but not generic