Tuesday, February 16, 2016

1,000 Strains of the Flu

We have a patient who works as a nurse practitioner in a cardiologist's office. She gets all her prescriptions for her and her family from my location. Lucky me.

Today she's in with a prescription for her daughter for Tamiflu. I fill the prescription and scan the amount into the register. $150 co-pay.

"Oh wait, I have a coupon for that."

She hands me the coupon. It requires activation. I ask her if she activated it.

"No. You can do that for me," she replies.

"Uh, no, you need to do that," I respond.

Angrily, she stands there at the counter and uses her smart phone to activate the coupon. It took several minutes and of course people were starting to back up. She finishes. I put it in the computer and it saved her a whopping $10 off the $150 co-pay.

I ask her why her and the family didn't get a flu shot this year.

As she's running her card for $140 she says, "We don't get flu shots. YOU KNOW there are 1,000 different strains out there and the flu shot only covers one strain."

I open my mouth to respond, think better of it, and instead hand her the receipt.

"Thanks for shopping at Goofmart," I say.

Choose your battles wisely, my friends.


Anonymous said...

It's absolutely frightening that an NP doesn't comprehend the basic concepts related to immunity.

Anonymous said...

It's a personal policy of mine that I never argue with idiots.

Anonymous said...

A more accurate reply would be "we DID get the flu shot"

Anonymous said...

A more appropriate and accurate reply would've been "we did get the shot"

Thespia said...

I would never personally get a flu shot (I avoid shots at all costs), but I wouldn't argue with you about it.