Saturday, February 20, 2016

After the Tech Leaves...

The last technician leaves for the day, which is always at least one hour before we need a technician to leave. And that's always when the fun stuff begins.

<Five minutes after he's gone>

A man with a pregnant wife step up to the pick up window, despite a big sign that says "flu shots start here" down at the other end of the pharmacy.

"My wife and I would like to get Whooping Cough vaccinations. And I need a flu shot."

OooooK. Fill out these papers. These people were in the other day during a busy Monday. I asked them to come back on Saturday. But here they are during the busy dinner hour on a Thursday.

I process their claims. They come back with zero co-pays. God Bless America.

<the phone rings> It doesn't get answered. In a world where multiple things are happening and there is only one person, sacrifices must be made.

A guy steps in line behind the pregger couple holding a prescription, again not seeing the "drop off" sign.

<the phone rings again> Whoever it is, they're insistent.

I prepare the shots while the couple stand there finishing the questions. As I walk by the phone on my way to the counter I swat the phone off the hook. I'm tired of hearing it ring. I step up the register, get a signature to proclaim them HIPAA compliant and send them to the waiting room.

<the phone rings again> The lamb is slaughtered again.

A lady steps in line at the drop off window with a young boy. She's holding a yellow sheet of paper which indicates a visit to the urgent care place close by.

But the other guy was first. He actually has two scripts. One of them is for Rozerem. This is the first time he's ever taken a sleep medication. Of course I know it's going to be a prior authorization situation before I run the claim, but who knows? Maybe he's a senator or congressman and all claims are paid regardless of what it is? 

<the phone rings again> I have had complaints about not answering the phone in these situations, but what am I supposed to do?

I type quickly. Prior Authorization required. I give him my usual explanations and options. He asks why I can't just give him a generic of another sleep aid. I explain that as quickly as possible. He opts to fill one script and take the other back to his doc. I tell him 30 minutes. He disappears.

I step down to the drop off window. "Have you been to Goofmart before?" I ask.

"No. This is the first time. We have Hug-a-Man insurance." 

<the phone rings> Since I'm right next to the phone I pick it up and place the caller on hold.

"I'll need to see his insurance information... the CARD." In my effort to be efficient, I figure I can input the patient while she digs into her mountain of a purse to find the prescription insurance information.

I input the patient, only to find that he's already in there AFTER putting all the information in. Yeah, our computer system does that and it is always a pain in the ass. It's like no we have no idea who this patient is and then after you type it all in it's like oh, yeah, you meant him. Unfortunately, the patient profile doesn't have current insurance. The gods intend to test me even more today.

<the phone rings again>

At this point I look at her. She stares back. 

"Prescription insurance? The CARD?"

Yeah, I had an attitude. NOW she starts digging into the purse and after a minute or two the card reveals itself. I run the claim.

"I feel like I'm annoying you," she says.

Don't you know it, lady. 

"No, not at all. I'm just trying to be speedy for everyone."

<the phone rings again>

"Ok, I tell her, there's four prescriptions here. You already saw the other guy ahead of you and the couple before them are getting shots, and eventually I'll have to answer the phone, so I'll need some time."

<the phone rings again>

"So, ten or fifteen minutes?" she asks.

p.s. When I finally answered the phone, it was a lady wanting to know how late we're open. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

The best is when the corporate masters of the universe do store visits. For some reason, they always drop by when it is crazy busy BUT don't lift a finger to help out with workflow. Oh, they'll spend a half hour trying to convince some poor soul to get a flu shot but fill a prescription or two? Nope.

Then, when I finally get a second to break away from the bench, they waste time going over garbage that they could've put in an email. Meanwhile, the phone is ringing off the hook, customers are sighing as loud as they can while tapping the counter and the queue is piling up with work.

Anonymous said...

On a positive note, nobody was buzzing at the drive thru

Anonymous said...

~ Ah yes, I've had nights like that. Once, just once, (we have a robotic dispensing system)I had such a moment of Joy when I turned around and saw one of the prescriptions I had furiously typed sitting there filled and labeled on the little conveyor belt! Other than that, it goes exactly as you described it.